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jonathan rockeySome might ask, “What is so special about Lent?” It is not the season of Lent which is so special. What is special is that the Almighty God gave His Son for us. During this season we gaze on the awful suffering and death of the Son of God Himself, we gaze on the sacrifice of love that takes away our sin. On Easter God’s Son rises from the dead and defeats all our enemies of Satan and sin and death. This sacrificial suffering and death of Jesus and His victorious resurrection is the most special, most
important event in history! We invite you to join us in this season of Lent as we prepare for the celebration of Easter. A full schedule of worship opportunities is found below.

There are few places in the United States that experience winter as we do in Alaska. The cold temperatures, the dry snow, and the long, dark nights all make for a life experience few others have. The Alaskan winters can also be challenging. During the long dark Alaska winters we take strength in and we want to share Jesus, “the light of the world.” (John 8:12) Come and join us in worship, Bible Study, Fellowship and Service Opportunities as we share God’s light and love in a dark world.


Pastor Jonathan Rockey

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